the Nft Space

Our Collection is more than a NFT, Its a Brand and community

$treetpup$ is all about community and how we can give back to our investors. We offer holders passive income options through royalties and staking

Why we are different?

Very Limited Supply leads to high demand which leads to a very high floor price. It’s a proven model to success.


Phase 1 – Sale of our First Streetpups and will be listed on magic Eden right after

Phase 2- Creating a new-gen revamp version called StrayPups with more attributes and accessories which will be minted for FREE. Royalties from this project will be given out to Streetpup owners

Phase 3- Release of our long-awaited baby pups which will be airdropped to street pup owners and will get 3x Royalties from all three collections.

Our Team

YOUNGG825( Mod and Business Management)

An optimistic individual that thinks he can make his imprint on the NFT community and bring value to his investors.

Nuskie509( Artist and Moderator)

A young budding and talented artist that draws as a hobby and finally decided to monetize on her skill. Her vision is to bring $treetpups to Dog owners and lovers.

Upcoming Projects


A pup has walked off from the pack and found a new community of pups of 1000 that look very similar to Streetpups. They Call themselves StrayPups and it’s FREE and has more style than his old pack. StrayPups is dropping on March 10th and 10% of royalties of this collection will be distributed to the 40 $treepup members

Baby Pups

A new generation of baby pups will be airdropped to Streetpup owners for Free.

Release Date – TBD